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We aim to bring happiness to people around the world through human resource development and related projects that leverage the latest technology and academic knowledge in an advanced information society.


【Yomiuri Shimbun Online】Osaka Metropolitan University's First Official Student Venture, LOGIGLISH Inc., Launches Multiple New Projects


【Nikkei Shimbun Online】Osaka Metropolitan University's First Official Student Venture, LOGIGLISH Inc., Partners with Upper West Side Media, Led by an Emmy Award-Winning News Producer, to Support International Presentations


【THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS】Osaka student entrepreneur founds company to help English learners, quash gender inequality


【Kobe Shimbun Online】 Started a Business with the Author After Reading 'Peanut a Day'


【Osaka Metropolitan University Alumni Magazine "Yuko"】The Dream of Entrepreneurship - Now Taking Off in Top Gear!



Founder, President, CEO

​Kaho Fujikawa

Student at Osaka City University (Osaka Metropolitan University) faculty of Economics​

Seeing children of the same age in developing countries during travels left a lasting impression, leading to an awareness of SDGs. Became interested in English through watching the American TV show "Hannah Montana."

In high school, became deeply involved in English debates, where concerns about SDGs and interest in English intersected, winning many awards despite having no long-term overseas experience. Also received numerous awards related to SDGs.

Recently won the Excellence Award at a student business contest. Started learning flower arranging under the headmaster of the Enshu school of ikebana and began self-studying programming.

Belongs to Professor Alga's seminar on global economics at the university.


Co-founder, Director

Atsushi Sakahara

Leaving Footprints Where There Are No Paths

During student days, learning "Hegel's Dialectic" from an ethics lecturer and "How to Learn Economics by Reading the Dictionary of Economics" from a political economy lecturer at Sundai Preparatory School Kyoto. At the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Kyoto University, studying "Theories of Genius" which had a profound impact. In the Faculty of Economics, specializing in game theory and human resource management engineering in the seminar of economist Hideshi Ito. Formed a student exchange group with American exchange students, including Yahoo founder, Hollywood film director David Greenspan (advisor to our company), Emmy Award-winning journalist Trisha Sorrells Doyle (advisor to our company), and serial entrepreneur Gerrit van Wyngaarden, who now lives in Seattle. Also met Akiko Yamazaki, who married Yahoo founder Jerry Yang, in Ito's seminar. In the summer of the third year of university, studied abroad at Columbia University in the United States, where a friendship with Taiwanese politician Sean Lien developed. After graduating from university, joined Dentsu Inc. but resigned after becoming a victim of the Tokyo subway sarin gas attack. Around that time, meeting management consultant Taiichiro Usami (7th-term student of the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management), who was mentored by Konosuke Matsushita, and became an executive in his management consulting company. Through Taiichiro Usami's introduction, spending a year as a trainee at MetaNet, an internet consulting company run by Frank Burns, who served as a strategist for the Internet Superhighway initiative, independently researching the "potential for asynchronous creative collaboration." After interning at Venture Access, a venture information company in Silicon Valley, entering the MBA program at the University of California, Berkeley. In the second year, joining the startup Minds and Technologies Inc. Full-time after graduation, transitioning to Ordinate Corporation, a seed-stage company known for the invention of 56K modem signal processing, and being responsible for business development of fully automated spoken English exams using AI and voice recognition technology. During a research stay at Stanford University's Center for the Study of Language and Information, educational linguist Yasuya Harada (director of the Information and Education Research Institute at Waseda University) was met. Upon returning to Japan, collaborating with serial entrepreneur Gerrit van Wyngaarden on app development and food-related equipment import businesses. Later joining a management advisory company founded by a former investment banker and friend. Around that time, receiving personal coaching in management consulting techniques from legendary consultant Seiichiro Yahagi, who was recruited during the early days of BCG at the Boston headquarters. Opening a private school to teach management and English to Waseda University students. Participating in the Digital Content Institute, a nonprofit organization led by Mitsuru Kaneko, developing and lecturing in educational programs for content industry professionals called "Content Strategy." There, meeting Roger Christiansen, director of "Friends" and "Hannah Montana." Publishing an original creative technique called SA Method, described as 21st-century dialectic, in the Journal of the Value Engineering Association. Currently, in the latter stages of the doctoral program at Utsunomiya University's Graduate School of Regional Development Science, researching creative techniques. Acting as the representative of the Sarin Victims' Association and announcing the preparation of a high school screening of "AGANAI," aiming to donate half of personal income to victim support. Feeling that the work regarding the sarin incident was completed, joining Kaho Fujikawa's startup, LOGIGLISH Inc.

As a producer (planning and development) in Hollywood, a short film won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2001. The directorial debut won the Grand Prix at EDIF2021 and received worldwide acclaim, achieving an unprecedented perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomato Meter for a first-time director. While the debut short film did not win any awards, the producer, economist Paul Milgrom, won the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Member of the Pen Club.



​Yasunari Harada

Professor at Waseda University, faculty of Law and director of the Institute for Digital Enhancement of Cognitive Development.

President of Association for Business Communication in Japan.

Consultant (Former President) of JELES: the English Language Education Society of Japan.
Current Research Interests
Technology-enhanced and ICT-enabled learning
Autonomous mutual learning of English 
Semiotic landscapes and cognitive agents



Toshiyuki Alga

Professor at Osaka Metropolitan University, Faculty of Economics and Graduate School of Urban Management.
PhD from Kyoto University (Economics).
Director of CIRIEC Japan.

Regarded as one of today's leading experts on the world economy. 
Published numerous books.
Known for wide-ranging discussions informed by the three disciplines of international economics, international politics, and the theory of multinational corporations. 


Koichi Okamoto

Professor of physics and electronics at the Graduate School of Engineering
Adjunct member of Science Council of Japan

PhD from the Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University. After working as a researcher at Kyoto University Venture Business Laboratory and as a JSPS Research Fellow, he was engaged in research and education as a postdoctoral researcher and senior research fellow at the California Institute of Technology starting in 2001, and after returning to Japan in 2007, he joined the Japan Science and Technology Agency. He worked as a PRESTO researcher, specially appointed associate professor at Kyoto University, and associate professor at Kyushu University before assuming his current position in 2018.

Utilizing his education and research experience in Japan and the U.S., he aims to establish an educational system that transcends the humanities and sciences in order to promote more effective human resource development for the semiconductor industry, among others.


Trisha Sorrells Doyle

Emmy award-winning journalist.
Freelance producer.
Adjunct professor at the UBC School of Journalism.

A Columbia Law School graduate, she began her career at ABC News where she worked on major programs, including Nightline and 20/20.  She went on to work as an associate producer with CBS News 60 Minutes where she routinely covered international stories, including terrorism, the global AIDS crisis, and the war in Iraq.  When not teaching, Trisha resides in New York City. She co-founded Upper West Side Media with Claudia Kist. She is familiar with Japanese culture. She actually came to Japan as an exchange student two times, Osaka and Kyoto, respectively.


David Greenspan

While a student at Harvard University, he studied as an exchange student in Kyoto, Japan and at the Graduate School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California. His graduation film Bean Cake was invited to the Official Short Film Competition section of the Cannes Film Festival and won the Palme d'Or. It was the first time for a graduate film to be invited to the Official Competition.
Currently, he is directing dramas such as Station 19 in Hollywood.


Oliver Williamson Jr.

Specialist Essay Advisor for College Applications

Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Architecture

MBA from the University of California, Berkeley

Father, Oliver E. Williamson, was an economist who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2009.

Spent part of childhood in Kyoto while accompanying father during his research stay at Kyoto University.

Instructors' Manager in Philippine

Nanette Masecampo

Major in English, University of Cebu
She has extensive experience teaching English.

Instructors Manager in Ghana

Rita Agbenafa

Graduate from the University of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). 
Worked at the Ghana Red Cross.


CEO’s Message

Education is the foundation of our society.

We strive to contribute to society through education.
Someday, I dream to be a role model for other young entrepreneurs.​

Cheif Executive Officer

Kaho Fujikawa

Stratigic Partner


Company Overview

Company Name

Date of Founding

Date of Establishment


Head Office Location


December 31st, 2022

February 1st, 2023

3-3-138 Sugimoto Sumiyoshi-ku,

Osaka-shi, 558-8585, JAPAN             

(Osaka Metropolitan University Incubator)

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