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Management Consulting :
Five Steps


I published an entertainment novel titled "Peanut a Day" (Shueisha) that teaches management theory. Recently, I have launched the startup LogEnglish Inc. with students. In "Changing Everything with a Single Peanut," I introduced general management techniques that are commonly needed. However, I did not include the more complex and versatile management consulting methods that can be applied to both management and personal issues, as these methods are difficult to master and apply independently.

The 20th century was an era of structuralism, understanding the world through its structures. Even in the early 21st century, we are still under the strong influence of structuralist thought. One of the tools that concretized the principles of structuralism is MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive), a concept introduced by Barbara Minto's "The Pyramid Principle," which is widely used in management consulting methods at firms like McKinsey and BCG.

During the early days of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a world-renowned management consulting firm, a legendary Japanese consultant, Seiichiro Yahagi, was hired at BCG's headquarters in Boston.

I was fortunate enough to receive personal guidance from Seiichiro Yahagi on management consulting techniques.

Now, I am pleased to announce the release of a consulting service that adapts these management consulting methods to the speed and demands of the 21st century.


Program Outline

1st Session: Understanding the Issues (60 minutes)
2nd Session: Analyzing the Issues (60 minutes)
3rd Session: Developing Countermeasures (60 minutes)
4th Session: Determining Implementation Steps (60 minutes)
5th Session: Confirming Implementation Steps (60 minutes)


  • Business Owners

  • Business Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Students

  • Those Who Need Coaching Using Authentic Management Consulting Techniques


Please contact us for more details.

*Support via Messenger is available for two years.
*Group training and corporate training programs are available upon request.
*Fully tailored programs are available upon request.

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