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Creativity Development : 
Creativity Collective


With the advent of generative AI, creative activities have become increasingly important within the realm of human endeavors.

In my undergraduate years, I studied economics, and in graduate school, I pursued business administration. Professionally, I have worked in advertising agencies, Silicon Valley startups, film production, and as a writer. I realized that creativity has always been the central theme of my career, and I am currently conducting research on creativity as part of my doctoral studies.


We have prepared an online and in-person workshop called the Creativity Collective, where participants can experience and learn the process of group creativity.


This program is a workshop where all participants collaboratively create "something" together.


Program Outline

1st Session: Team Meeting (60 minutes, online)
2nd Session: Ideation Techniques (60 minutes, online)
3rd Session: Decision Making Without Rock-Paper-Scissors (60 minutes, online)
4th Session: Theme Selection (60 minutes, online)
5th Session: Three-Day, Two-Night Retreat

The location of the retreat can be chosen domestically or internationally based on the preferences of the workshop participants.

Target Audience

Students (Elementary to Graduate School)
Business Owners
Business Professionals
*Participation with guardians is possible for younger students (e.g., elementary school students).



Pricing varies based on the number of participants and the location of the retreat.

Please contact us for more details.

Group participation is also possible.

*Due to the nature of the program, sessions will be held once the minimum number of participants is reached.

*We can also accommodate group training sessions and corporate training programs.

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